Photography Editing

After taking individual images and stitching them together of the new dorm facility, Unity hall, I noticed the grass was not green.  I had taken other panoramic photos of the area including the large grassy area in back of the dorm.  I used the green grass in this second photo to make the entrance to Unity Hall look presentable.

The panorama was stitched and color balanced using iSee Media Photovista Panorama.  Image editing was with Adobe Photoshop.

This panorama was constructed using a series of vertical shots photographed with a Canon EOS 50D with a 24-70mm lens mounted to a 302Plus Manfrotto QTVR kit which included a cylindrical panoramic head which  can be leveled on the panoramic axis and sliding plates which can position the nodal point of the lens above the axis or rotation.  A 3021N Manfrotto tripod provided a nice stable base to shoot the photos.  I also used a Manfrotto 303SPH to shoot spherical panoramic photos.


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